07.02.2017 |   "from the Orange one" January 2015

Water Buffalo

What do you see when you look at human beings?

To us you are very far removed empty shells who act with a complete lack of senses. Many of you don't express anything anymore. Do not radiate anything anymore. You move like cars on a road. The way is clear and what is to the right and left is not relevant. Outside the guard barriers everything is irrelevant.


How can one change this?

We do not penetrate these empty shells. They do not transmit nor do they receive. They are just empty. It would be wasted effort trying to send something there. And this emptiness is frightening us.


What makes you who you are?

We are slow, phlegmatic and yet very agile. We have concentrated, massed energy. The stillness of the water is giving us balance within. The earth is providing us with strength. We live in a very primal manner. We are balanced between stillness and strength.


Any message for humanity?

Wake up from your coma. Fill the shells with life. With dreams, feelings, desires, miracles. Believe in everything, feel for everything. Otherwise you are not really existent.


Any message for the group?

You are not empty shells. But instead of a car on the highway you are more like tractors on the land. You see more - but not nearly everything yet. Sure, there are differences between you. Some go deeper, others not as deep. But you are still too fixed to your structures. Move beyond the limitations. Dare!




What do you want to say to me?

Dare. Everything will be well. Reason is honorable but hindering. Open your heart and trust your feelings. It is everything that matters.