07.01.2016 |   from "the rosa one" October 2015


Body reference: Root Chakra


We are connecting you with the deepest realms of your being. With your instincts and deeply rooted imprints. We are helping you to consciously get in contact with it again. This will help you to understand yourselves better.

It's not easy to perceive and to comprehend, for these realms withdraw (very consciously) themselves from your mind. When you notice that the same things keep happening over and over again in your life and you want to change this, then we are the right contact. When you connect with us and ask for it then we will create an entrance. But: go slowly, do not rush. You need time so that things can happen in your outer world that will help you understand. Don't rush anything, be careful and mindful, just like us.

Our outer form deceives our true existence. That is purposely so. It isn't easy to see for what reason we are here. And that also is done purposely. We are carrying the key of recognition from deepest realms. 


What things can be found from these deepest realms?

Everything that life secures.

How you are reacting to your environment, how you interpret it and all instinctive actions that arise from it are rooted here. And not only yours but also those of your ancestors. All their experiences are in this instinctive realm, deposited also for you. Everything that they experienced and all the generations before them, it is all deposited, to secure your life. You can reach back to all their experiences. That is evolution. You "know" what they knew and you develop it further in your life and pass along the experience of your ancestors and your own. In this way the consciousness on this very deep level will get bigger and bigger. Therefore you are carrying experiences with you from each lifetime. Should there be a circumstance that occurs in your life that already happened in your line of ancestors, then you have everything that you need to know to handle it already inside of you. We can help you to handle it. Ask us and we will be there.


Are there also things imprinted that are hindering for us?

Oh yes, of course! But only as long as you have seen, touched and understood them. By that, they will lose their functionality. They won't act on their own anymore, but will start to subordinate themselves under the Higher Spirit. Your decisions, so to speak.


So if I'm carrying an unborn inside of me, it already has all of my imprints/events stored (from the ancestors and my own experiences)?

Yes, indeed.


Is it wise then, to pass on very difficult imprints that one has?

Oh yes!

Every 'Soulbeing' chooses very knowingly what she will take with her, that is, so to speak, the basis for her own development here. And also the gift of every soul. She enters with an assignment to take on these imprints, to maybe heal them and to develop them further.

If you wish to reach true mastership, then the way leads through these realms of your being.