19.10.2015 |   from "the green one" Dezember 2014


I am Stag, 

I am the king of the forests. You may receive my calling, be aware of it! 

I am furious! 

Why are you furious? 

You humans are not listening! 

What is it that we do not hear? 

The connection between animals and humans – oh, this is exactly my topic.

You don’t dare to live it – why not? Are other humans more important to you than us? No! Yes they are – you worry about their appreciation. Most of themwill not understand our ideas anyway, why do you worry? 

Everybody is connected with energetic strings to a specific animal. That animal does not need to be listed on the Red List. The characteristics of theanimals would help you to recognise yourselves. To help you to reach your potential. 

Yes, I do see all the animals [I am in the forest sitting in front of King Stag and I am surrounded by all the forest animals]. It hurts so much! How can I live in a city, in a desert of concrete? 


This is a plea: Send us energy – all of you! 

The best energies possible! Not energies of pity or commiseration. Strong energies of flourishing, of awakening – into hedges, shrubs, into the forest, into the oceans. It will provoke a turmoil. It will roar and boil. Holding capacity. 

Just once a day, do not just think of yourselves, but give your attention to nature! Yes, you too, reading this.  – send strong energies into us and to us! 




Thank you – well done Green!