13.10.2015 |   "the Blue one" in February 2015

Bear (female)

Good evening Bear, please tell me your message.

Therefore I am here.

Why are you humans doing nothing?

Why are you humans  letting your little Ones die?

Why are you sitting around and giving your power/strength to others?

Does’t taht makes your  hearts weap?


What do you mean?

You treat your children very violently. They should follow you. But where? – Into the doom, you are prepairing? They would be mad, if they would do so.


What should we do?

You must call back every little piece if power/ strength that you have given away. Why should others tell you what to do? From where do you think they know, what is useful for you?


What has your message to do with the Bearmedicine?

_____________________We Bears don’t need that many social contact. We are loners. We live alone, unless we have offspring. We love our offspring, take care off and bring them into life, so that they could walk alone, stand alone, live.


Is Bearmedicine the strength/power to stand alone?

YES! – In love with the little ones, but only as long as it is time to do so. Then we stand alone, in peace, in balance, strong, powerful, without doubt, knowing. This medicine is useful. You are whining creatures. Where is your power/strength/medicine? You are not meant to be this way! You live more often in communities – but the first and important things always is to stand alone. (Incomprehension). I am unique. I am unrivalled. I go my way. You are living more in groups, but where are you going, when your leaders tell you where to go and what to do? You often follow blind.


Bear, I understood, that your medicine helps us, to stand strong for ourselves

Well….that’s right, but even more first of all to know, who you are.


How? Am I not the Blue-One, so and so old, this profession?

If you would only know!! This is your supreme level. Your true power/strength/medicine lies far beneath.

How am I getting there?

Go outside. Place yourself in the storm, in the woods, in the night, in the sun and let this supreme level go. Feel the Power/strength/medicine beneath it. Your body also is only a cover around your strength, no matter how it looks like. Feel, what lies within. Call this power into live! Bring it into beeing!


Bear, many people might think, that is not working. They could not reach there, touch that, don’t feel it…

Then they should call me first and with my help call their own power!

Could be, that a lot of work is coming your way then.

That is easy for me.


Why have you come?

Because you called me

But what is your reason/cause?

You humans need support (Compassion). You are slow on the uptake. You are not feeling anymore. One who is not feeling is half-dead. Half-deads make more damage than doing good, not because of ill bill, but because they are not present. We are affected by this. We have decided to intervene.

Only you bears?

No, many animals.


Okay, what should I communicate to the humans?

 (Sadness) Which world are you leaving to your little-ones? This question is our primary question. Which world do you bequeath to the next generations? H-e-ll-oooo……anyone at home in these hearts who read this? Yes, YOU are meant! Only YOU. Noone else is reading this words right now. What are YOU doing fort he next beings to come? What are YOU leaving undone? 

Many think they have no power, no control anymore etc.

Honor – do you know this word? Do you know, what it means? It means to stand strong for what you think is right and to do it, change it, to circumvent it, to follow it.

No matter what is around you. Do what you think is right and what speaks right out of your heart and what is useful for the next generations and the ones who are right here. You know, what I mean. Stop this Blabla-Excuses. You dirty yourself, you stink, if you do so. Noone besides yourself will turn it into good. YOU are meant!


Wow Bear, but I want to ask again. I work in a job, doing my job, there are good and silly people….

Is this work useful fort he next generatione?

Well, some pieces yes, they change the attitude of people.


But everybody will find something of his job good – also the ones who produce weapons – to fight for peace for example.

 (Sadness) Yes, maybe, it is to soon to talk to your kind in this way. Do you want a world that is good for the next generations at all?

I do!

That is good.

I think all of they who read this animal messages are open fort he words you speak.

Yes---.You gamble your chance away, if you are not standing up pretty soon for what is important for you.

Well, many Peolpe are doing this in a way. They stand up for money and power.

 (Incomprehension) For what purpose?

Well, to feel good.

…and by doing so to infringe against holy law.

Na, if you don’t feel that, money and power are a good feeling.

Where is the honor of these humans?

I Think, they think, they act honorable. Defend for example the poor and the weak.

There is a law. Every living beeing knows it.

Which law is it?

Connection to all. Nothing that I am doing is not also touching me, means everything touching myself also. It is self-destructive what you are reporting.

But it is not instantly noticeable.

The more dead you are, the lesser you feel. There sits honor. Honor is the detector, that you are doing something, that is useful for all –and yourself. Everything you are doing for others, you are doing for yourself.

Animals kill also. You eat fish.

Yes, this is our job. We nurture us, reduce the stock of the fish, sort out and dung the ground.

Are the fish having the same opinion.

Oh yes. They are our friends – although we are eatig them. We are not killing them to pile them  on a panel, where they rot. You are doing such things.


Do you have a message for us, each of us?

Stand up in your whole beauty. Stand up and step in your unique power/strength/medicine and see each other. Then you are standing like a bear.

Don‘t withhold yourself so often. Show yourself even, when others then startle.

So you are calling them in their own power/strength/medicine. Blue-One, love yourself. Your medicine is unique. Live it!

Many thanks Bear.

Yes (brummm) go you way. We try to reach you humans and guide you. You readers – call upon us and recieve yourself the instructions. This is your medicine/power also.

We will help you.