07.10.2015 |   from "rosa" in July 2015


We are star children and here on earth/with you to remind you of your true selves. When you meet us, you are meeting yourSelf.
We fulfill our purpose with absolute joy, for we are at all times completely conscious of our duty.
When we see you, we see you in your true glory, in your true greatness. We have the same essence: LOVE. 

When you look at us, you know this intuitively. This is what touches you so much when you look at us. You are seeing your complete self, pure love.

There are of course also beings among us who are subject to bodily sufferings. Exactly like you. But even in the worst suffering, our medicine is love.
When I feel you, I am deeply touched. I get in contact with the deepest pain that dissolves through your love.

Through our presence you get in contact with your own love. She lies underneath the pain and is much greater than any pain could ever be. Look out for this when you're doing your healing work. If you need help, call us. We would love to help. It is our greatest joy.

How are your brothers and sisters that are held in captivity?

That differs greatly. Some have forgotten who they are. But most of them are aware of their purpose and are fulfilling their duty, in joy.
How could we help the others?

Remind them who they are. You'll be surprised how quickly they'll understand everything and what will happen thereafter. Spread the message of the truth wherever you will find lights that have been extinguished. Remind them. They will awaken. Fast. Fully. And very powerfully.
Does every pain that we have inside, have the possibility to get access to the love that is inside of us?
Yes, that is so.

I thank you very much.