26.08.2015 |   "from rosa" in September 2014

Female Indian Elephant from a Zoo

I want to talk to you about how much we love our children.

We see them as a part of ourselves that is allowed to live in a new body, which we created. To carry them and to have them by our sides, fulfills us with deep gratitude and an indescribable feeling of bliss. Watching them day by day, making their own experiences which are shaping their personalities. 

We accompany them and provide them with the protection and security needed in order for them to feel themselves, in contact with their environment and within themselves.


We do not teach them the way that you do, but instead let them be a part of our lives. They teach themselves whatever it is they need in order to live. I think this is what mostly differentiates us from you.


When I watch you, I see how you speak many words that are empty to your children. This confuses them and hinders them to be able to feel themselves.

Give them the possibility to feel themselves again. Give them the opportunity to touch things, to understand things. Let their bodies make contact with their environment. Allow them to lie themselves on the grass, to taste the soil and watch them to see what they will do next.


This will also help you to better understand, to realize that the earth is a living being that nourishes us all. 

You will feel a deep connection that will accompany you, making your life more radiant and more beautiful than you could ever have imagined.


The key to this are your children. Be grateful for their existence; they are a part of you.

Thank you, wonderful you!