Animal Voices

Water Buffalo

07. Februar 2017 | von  "from the Orange one" January 2015

What do you see when you look at human beings? To us you are very far removed empty shells who act with a complete lack of senses. Many of you don't express anything anymore. Do not radiate anything anymore. You move like cars on a road. The way is clear and what is to the right and left is not relevant. Outside the guard barriers everything is irrelevant. How can one change this? ... [mehr]


07. Januar 2016 | von  from "the rosa one" October 2015

Body reference: Root Chakra We are connecting you with the deepest realms of your being. With your instincts and deeply rooted imprints. We are helping you to consciously get in contact with it again. This will help you to understand yourselves better. It's not easy to perceive and to comprehend, for these realms withdraw (very consciously) themselves from your mind. When you notice that the s... [mehr]


19. Oktober 2015 | von  from "the green one" Dezember 2014

I am Stag,  I am the king of the forests. You may receive my calling, be aware of it!  I am furious!  Why are you furious?  You humans are not listening!  What is it that we do not hear?  The connection between animals and humans – oh, this is exactly my topic. You don’t dare to live it – why not? Are other... [mehr]


16. Oktober 2015 | von  "the Blue one" in June 2015

Dearest chickens, please, would one of you speak with me? Me (A brown chicken, whom I met while hiking is showing himself) Please, what is your message? You live too little. You think yourselves through life. You will become impoverished like that, you think of us as dumb. How presumptuous you are. Your intellect is hindering you. You have an impediment. Oh dear chicken, all of your animal... [mehr]

Bear (female)

13. Oktober 2015 | von  "the Blue one" in February 2015

Good evening Bear, please tell me your message. Therefore I am here. Why are you humans doing nothing? Why are you humans  letting your little Ones die? Why are you sitting around and giving your power/strength to others? Does’t taht makes your  hearts weap? What do you mean? You treat your children very violently. They should follow you. But where? – Into the doom, you are prep... [mehr]


07. Oktober 2015 | von  from "rosa" in July 2015

We are star children and here on earth/with you to remind you of your true selves. When you meet us, you are meeting yourSelf.We fulfill our purpose with absolute joy, for we are at all times completely conscious of our duty.When we see you, we see you in your true glory, in your true greatness. We have the same essence: LOVE. When you look at us, you know this intuitively. This is what touch... [mehr]

Female Indian Elephant from a Zoo

26. August 2015 | von  "from rosa" in September 2014

I want to talk to you about how much we love our children. We see them as a part of ourselves that is allowed to live in a new body, which we created. To carry them and to have them by our sides, fulfills us with deep gratitude and an indescribable feeling of bliss. Watching them day by day, making their own experiences which are shaping their personalities.  We accompany them and provide t... [mehr]